Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Intelligence reports that Naxalites/Maoists (operating in India) have shook hand with Lashkar-e-Tayeba,is a dangerous sign of unpious international conspiracy against stability, integrity & sovereignty of India,as also its democratic structure & national development.Though,neither Pakistan govt. nor Chinese govt. will accept or confirm this international nexus & evil designs to destabilise India,but it is the duty of the Indian govt. to bring to the notice of both these govt.through their diplomatic channel,with warning to treat any future mishappenings, as war against India by these outfits, with these two govt's indirect support.Pakistan & China after visualising the importance of India in international community,donot dare to fight with this country directly,but they are making every effort through their militant,terror outfits to defeat India in global economic scenario,by disturbing its developmental programmes,technological advancement,growing military advancements & becoming an Asian power.India having a largest skilled human resource in every field of technology is posing them challenge of fast economic & scientific growth,that's why both these countries see it with jealousness.America's growing close relationship with India with regards to collaboration in anti-terrorist crusade & nuclear energy deal, is also a matter of concern for these two neighbourers.For "combating" all these positive factors of India, these two old enemies are anxious to see India engaged in an endless internal war with terrorist outfits, having their external support.
India should also approach friendly countries of Asia,Europe & America and convince them the evil nexus of terror groups & through those friends, pressurise China & Pakistan to desist from indirectly supporting such anti-India war of these terror outfits, in the best interest of world peace & prosperity.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In a recent Fatwa issued from Darul Uloom Deoband,Muslim women have been instructed to refrain fron doing jobs in offices & talking/interacting with their male colleagues & counterparts,without in veil.Such jobs by muslim women have been defined as "against Sharia".History has witnessed,only one muslim women Indian ruler,namely Razia Sultan,who ruled the country by interacting with her male colleagues in her cabinet & army,definitely without in veil.Her rule is considered as the best in Indian history.Will Ulemas of Darul Uloom Deoband diswon Razia Sultan as a charasmatic ruler of Indian history.Similarly, in Pakistan Benazir Bhutto & in Bangla Desh,Begum Khalida Zia & Sheikh Hasina,all twice ruled their country as Prime Minister,without wearing a veil.Have they worked "against Sharia"? Now a days, when world is fastly growing into a modern,educated society,why these muslim mullas are trying to maintain slavery for their better halves & deny them opportunity for growth & prosperity.Donot these mullas want that a muslim women should enter the Legislature /Parliament of India & become Minister,Speaker,Chief Minister,Prime Minister,Vice President,President of India ? Should Indian muslim women with ability & merit be denied a post of Manager,General Manager,M.D.,V.P/AVP,CEO of a Company,only because mullahs donot want them to work in offices without wearing a veil ?Donot muslim mullahs/ulemas know that in airlines of all muslim countries,including Saudi Arabia,Air hostesses perform their duties,without wearing a veil.Then why this non-sense Fatwa ?These muslim mullahs & ulemas very well know that not even .005% of muslim population will give any attention/importance to their Cleric dictates,like this,then why they themselves defame their organisation for being retrogressive & reactionary in thinking ?When they will learn that muslims too live in 21st Century & modernisation of thoughts is their birth right.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Recent goody-goody relationship developed between Congress & caste-oriented political parties like RJD,SP & BSP,will nullify the tremendous hard effort laid down by Rahul Gandhi, for streamlining & strengthening the party in two most populous states of Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.Any tie with these parties will send clear message to the masses that the utterances of Mr. Gandhi for the Dalits,poor & weeker sections of the sociey are only political planks.His assurances for a casteless,feerless,terrorless,corruptionless governance will look like a mokery when Lalu Yadav,Mulayam Singh Yadav & Mayawati will stand by him as ally,because all these three leaders are facing several corruption charges for looting public money for personal gains, which were allocated for the welfare of the poor & downtrodden.These parties run there politics,less on ideologies,but mostly on the musclepower .They are arch casteists & have blocked smooth passing of Women Reservation Bill in Parliament, to run there political shop through casteism, by permanently dividing the society on caste line.How Rahul will convince the masses that for mere defeating a cut motion of BJP & Left parties, his party fall in love with these time-tested political blackmailers , by ignoring the future of his own party & the country.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Thanks GOD !!!
After a prolonged judicial process & tremendous work done by our intelligence agencies to procure satisfactory evidences & establish a cross-country crime linkage of the dreaded,butcher killer & terrorist Azmal Aamir Kasab, which ultimately resulted into a death sentence awarded to him by Hon'ble Justice Tahliyani's court in Mumbai.Whole world viewed the justice process of INDIA,where an wild killer like Kasab was given full legal aid & protection,even though his crime was a established fact since the day he committed the crime.Our indepedent judiciary,the legal & intelligence authorities have tirelessly performed to proove not only the crime of Kasab as a mass killer, but have convincingly prooved his linkage with his masterminds in Pakistan.Now,justice have been done to the victims & their relatives by the judiciary,when Justice Tahliyani announced his verdict to hang Azmal Aamir Kasab till his death.But, it is not final.Justice Tahliyani's death sentence has to be confirmed by Hon'ble Mumbai High Court.Then Kasab may beg his " LIFE " from Hon'ble Supreme Court & Hon'ble President of India.Even if his appeal & mercy appeal are turned down by those legal & constitutional institutions,what is guarantee that Kasab will be hanged till death.After lossing all his legal battles,Kasab will ultimately become vote fetching celebrity & high valued person, for the pseudo-secular leaders of this country & these pseudo-secularists & pseudo-human right protagonists may try to withheld his death sentence for the sole aim of political gain, as has been earlier done in the case of Afzal Guru.Therefore, the patriotic,nationalist & right thinking people of India must unitedly convey the message to the Govt. of India & those pseudo-secular political parties that if they repeat the story of Afzal Guru & donot hang Kasab at the earliest, a mass protest will be lodged throughout the country.Because, the countrymen want only & only death sentence for Kasab & Afzal.